The Services

Vendor Selection

Vendor selection is not a unique process. I have built an extensive database of call centres around the world with genuine knowledge of their key strengths. If you are simply looking for a vendor who meets certain top-level criteria, call me on 077400 96598 and I will tell you (free of charge). However, some clients need a more detailed strategy. This can be anything from process definition to the production of an RFP. I also provide expert advice in the selection process based on my personally developed procedure.

Vendor Improvement

Sometimes, a relationship between a client and a call centre needs improvement. This may be due to operational performance, relationship problems or concerns over costs. I have developed a full audit process which examines over 100 different criteria coupled with a number of subjective factors. The audit process reveals many issues which would not seem obvious to those without my experience. Having conducted many of these, I have found simple problems which are easily fixed but I have also found many examples of over-billing, compliance issues and even fraud. Not all of the failings are on the vendor side and so the audit produced a detailed report of action items for both parties to improve.

Safe Switch

Safe switch is a program I developed to help companies move from one vendor to a competitor or to move work back in-house from an outsourced environment. This can be a tricky time as so much knowledge is often held with the outsourced partner who may not be highly motivated to assist with the transition. I developed my first process for this back in 2004 and I will refined it over the years and it has achieved great success.

Marketing & Sales Support for Outsourcing Companies

It’s often very difficult to critically analyse your own sales teams or marketing materials. I’ve worked with many outsourcers to audits their sales personnel, their sales process, their brochures, their websites and the RFP submissions. I have been able to give expert guidance on key areas such as whether their sales personnel are suitable, how to refine their marketing materials and how to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.